Private Equity

Track Record in Value Creation
Industrial and Financial Solid Expertise
Specialized in Family-owned Business
Propietary Deals


Multisectorial Experience   Wide networking   Preferred partner
  • Knowledge of the family-owned business activity.
  • Multi-industry experience in Food and Beverage, Distribution and Consumption, Industrial, Services and Financial Sector.
  • Proprietary Deals with more than 20 years of presence in mid-market transactions.
  • Track record in equity and debt sophisticated deals.
  • Excellent industrial and financial relations in Spain, Mexico and USA.
  • Presence in Business, Industrial and Teaching Councils.
  • Longstanding relationship with management teams of companies and financial sector.
  • Co-investment track record with industrial and financial partners.
  • Alia's track record
  • Multi-industry knowledge
  • Industrial origin of Alia
  • Operational focus on value creation
  • Close to the Management Teams
  • Investment expertise in family businesses


Focus on Growth and Profitability 

Alia's knowledge in different business sectors along with a solid industrial and financial reputation allows it to present transaction proposals to potential sellers / buyers whose access to the market of this type of transactions is more complex.
Alia's investment strategy is focused on growth and buyout operations in the mid-market specializing in acquisitions of family-owned companies and focusing on proprietary deals.
Identification of opportunities by getting involved management teams oriented towards growth and value creation through expansion strategies and operational and commercial improvements.


Private Equity  Family Office