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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Commitment to Sustainable Social and Environmental Development

Alia seeks to foster build up more solid/steady and more valuable business, which it involves an outright commitment to sustainable development in the long term. Thereby/In this Regards, Social and environment thoughts have a strong presence in our investment operations and business transactions day by day.

Alia takes part in different social activities around Spain and Mexico. Alia actively cooperates with San Telmo Foundation, an independent non-profit institution, whose purpose is to stimulate the economy and businesses in southern Spain and in some sectors worldwide. Through its activities and centers, the Foundation promotes training, specialization, improvement and professional progress of managers preferably in the agricultural, lifestock and agro-industrial sectors. Moreover, highlighting the work done in Spain where Alia cooperates and has been an important member of MD Anderson Cancer Center España Foundation.


In Mexico, Alia works actively on projects focused on Social and Development Economy that facilitate the access of financial backing to people which are deprived and under the poverty threshold.
Part of our management team also belongs to the Investment FIDES Fund Committee in Mexico, a Private equity fund which strives to reach out Social and Solidarity Economy enterprises in order to facilitate their search for funding.