J García Carrión – Food and Beverage Sector

Transaction Type: Joint Venture

Year of Investment: 1998

Status: Realized


The company emerges as an idea of producing in Mexico pulps and juice concentrates such as mango and pineapple to export to Europe. Álvaro Sánchez got in touch with D. Jose García Carrión, president and CEO of the company that owned Don Simón brand (one of the leading firms of juices and wines in Spain), with the aim of joining for making a project that helped him to control the cost of some raw materials having as production base Mexico. The idea resulted in a joint venture where the project consisted of the sowing of pineapple and mango, the process and export to Europe, having as clients JGC and others of the European juices industry. The idea was to get together the segment of premium juices in Mexico due to they could take advantage of the know-how of JGC in a segment where there was only one player in Mexico.

The joint venture undid with the total sale of all sowed and processed assets and JGC decided to focus on consolidating its position in the market